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P-Series Bluetooth/Fingerprint Lock

  • Fingerprint Lock P102F
Fingerprint Lock P102F

Fingerprint Lock P102F

  • Item: P102F
  • Type: Fingerprint lock
  • Color: Black
  • Battery: Cell buttton battery
  • Product description: The fingerprint lock is with bluetooth function, widely used on cabinet, wardrobe, locker or drawer, suitable for both metal and wood board. Thickness of the faceplate is only 7.9mm, stylish and beaut

*  Finterprint or bluetooth unlock

* 10 Fingerprint user capacity

* Powered by 1 pc rechargable cell button battery, can last 6 to 9 months when it is fully recharged

* Add/ delete individual users on the lock

* USB port on faceplate for recharging if short of battery or power run down

* Easy to install



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