Welcome: Dongguan SDUN Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
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Our advantage

Business orientation
middle and end furniture accessory、Finished products dealer
Intelligent furniture accessory、Internet of things platform

Qualification & Honour
The patent certificate of China:  6 new applied patents,8 appearance design patents,2 invention patents
The international patent certificate:  2 EU patents,  2 Japan patents
3 CE certificates,  2 FCC certificates,  2 PSE certificates
3 ROHS certificates,  2 CCIC testings ,  1 Salt spray testing
3 computer software works copyright certificates
6 trade mark certificates of SDUN & 小盾



Phone: 13178826373 13602863586

Tel: 0769-28826779-801或808

Email: master@dgsdun.com

Add: Room 516 ,Tower A1 ,Tianan Cyber Park, Nacheng, Dongguan, Guangdong,China, 523000

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