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P-Series Bluetooth/Fingerprint Lock

  • Bluetooth lock P102TB
  • Bluetooth lock P102TB
Bluetooth lock P102TBBluetooth lock P102TB

Bluetooth lock P102TB

  • Item: P102TB
  • Type: Bluetooth lock
  • Color: Black
  • Battery: Cell buttton battery
  • Product description: The bluetooth lock can be installed on anything you need to secure, such as lockers, drawers, file cabinets, wardrobe and bedside cabinets. Electronic locking mechanism is hidden inside the furnitures

• Bluetooth unlocking

• Face plate size: diameter 33.2mm x thickness 4.3mm

Rare part: 54*39.8*19.15mm

• Black plate, customized color is acceptable

• Suitable for both wood and metal cabinets and drawers

• Compatible with iOS and Android smart phones

• Low power alarm

• Manage with APP

• Powered by 1 pc CR2032 cell button battery, it can last 1 years

• Range up to 5m

• Easy to install



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