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        Dongguan SDUN Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech smart locks corporation, which mainly engages in developing, producing and selling of smart electronic locks (electronic coded locks, fingerprint locks, vein locks, IC card induction locks, Internet of things locks etc.) and the Internet of things platform.
        SDUN is located in the high-tech corporation zone of Tianan Cyber Park in Dongguan City, which owns completely independent intellectual property rights and focus on developing smart electronic locks. The founder of SDUN has been engaged in business of developing and applying electronic locks over 15 years, who is leading a product development team that has rich experiences. SDUN coded locks are energy-saving and mini both, which are highly praised by clients. it has also obtained many national and international patents, which has passed testing by several international standard organizations. Products of SDUN are widely applied in office and family furniture around the world, which eliminated inconvenience of using by keys for mechanical locks, and have greatly improved life quality of people by freeing troubles of keys.

        SDUN takes “respect nature, love mankind, guard your dream with love” as the corporate mission, the aim is to obey and exploit rules of nature with respect, to serve mankind with love. It is hoped that with our technology and love, we can develop products that are more energy-saving and convenient, and better protect your privacy.


Contact: Ren Jian Bo

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Email: master@dgsdun.com

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