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  • Shenzhen CJF use case
  • Shenzhen CJF use case
  • Shenzhen CJF use case
  • Shenzhen CJF use case
Shenzhen CJF use caseShenzhen CJF use caseShenzhen CJF use caseShenzhen CJF use case

Shenzhen CJF

Shenzhen changjiang furniture company co.,ltd. is a Hong Kong invested enterprise launched by Hong Kong guanghua far east(trade) development company in Shenzhen in 1986.(former is Shenzhen buji changjiang furniture factory, in 1998 moved from buji Shenzhen to longhua Shenzhen, and named as Shenzhen changjiang furniture co.,ltd.)
With its registered capital HKD75,000,000, Shenzhen changjiang furniture co.,ltd located its headquarter at east of jianshe rd. longhua, baoan district, Shenzhen city. At present there are 3 factories ( longhua factory in headquarter Shenzhen, qiuchang factory in huiyang city, sanhe factory in huizhou city). Covering an area of more than 110,000M2, and with 1400 employees, changjiang furniture is a professional office and hotel furniture enterprise which integrated the manufacturing, technical development, sales, and service together. The turnover in 2010 is RMB500 million, with a export value RMB179 million.




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